• Jaren brought excellent and wonderful training based on his personality” – Ian Zang, GE Energy China

  • “ Jaren Chan’s style worked really well and the mix of Chinese and English also worked. Interactive nature of the event was excellent and everybody was engaged and contributing” Kelvin Donelly , UK Aerospace, Defence & Energy Company


Leadership Quotes

  • Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to World-Class Executive Training Courses for Leaders and Managers

Raffles Leadership Centre is committed to shaping leadership, management and organisational excellence across the world. We are pleased to provide a range of high-impact corporate training courses to help executives develop and sharpen their strategic skills in critical domains such as leadership, management, negotiation, communications and influence.
Our open-enrolment executive training courses, conducted in Singapore and New York, are underpinned by a philosophy of professional skills development and the actualisation of one’s full potential. Our course design and delivery build from the rich research-based content of top universities and research institutes across the world; the curricula linking theories, models and concepts to real-world practices and solutions. The training pedagogy features an interactive, hands-on learning format and includes experiential learning activities, simulations, movie clips, role-plays, real-world examples and skill practices in a supportive environment with a low facilitator/participant ratio. The classroom session will provide an opportunity for participants to review and reflect on their personal experiences and to discover their strengths and identify development opportunities. Our workshop facilitators are amongst the best in their fields in the world and have been highly rated for domain experience, high engagement and practical knowledge.
Our key differentiator is the combination of actionable insights and global perspectives in our content and delivery. These executive training programs from Raffles Leadership Centre are an investment in knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. It will step up your game and make you a better manager, a better professional and a better individual. It will optimise your performance and help you to thrive in a highly competitive global marketplace and improve your ability to succeed across national and international boundaries. Our high-impact training programs feature: real-world learning, practical tools and strategies that will elevate your leadership and management skills, and a community of like-minded learners for exchanging ideas, perspectives and experiences that will broaden your outlook and help you to lead, manage, collaborate and execute with greater confidence.


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