Cultural Intelligence Course Singapore

The way people around the world think and behave is guided by a complex and integrated system of values, attitudes and beliefs, loosely defined as culture. Cultural intelligence (CQ)  is the capability to function in culturally-diverse situations and the ability to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives. The global marketplace presents multicultural challenges and a diverse workforce is now a norm in many dynamic organisations. Those who can lead with cultural intelligence and who can work effectively across cultural divides are in demand worldwide, regardless of industry and geography. Our cultural intelligence courses in Singapore will help you to achieve these critical capabilities. 

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a malleable competence and can be increased through training, coaching and structured exposure. With our cultural intelligence course in Singapore, you will develop higher CQ and higher CQ will lead to better cognitive, emotional and psychological adjustment in situations involving different or familiar cultures. 

Course Objectives

  1. To understand the importance of cultural intelligence (CQ) in our business and workplace environments
  2. To be able to identify and understand cultural dimensions and its nuances
  3. To reflect on our own cultural background and biases and being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses in the area of CQ
  4. To understand the key components of cultural intelligence: knowledge, sensing and behaviour
  5. To develop cross-cultural competence and enhance one’s CQ radar
  6. To gain an overview of the various culture models
  7. To develop strategies and skills for effective intercultural communications
  8.  To learn how to minimise barriers to cross-cultural communications

Who Should Attend

  1. Leaders, managers and executives who would like to improve their cultural intelligence to enhance their leadership effectiveness
  2. HR professionals who need to promote and teach cultural intelligence courses in their organisation
  3. Business executives who would like to be more successful in cross-cultural negotiations
  4. Anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of cultural intelligence in a corporate context

Course Information

Course Title:  Cultural Intelligence Course – Singapore

Duration:  1-day

Fee:  $ 500 nett per participant (no GST – saves 7%)

Course Venue:  The Regent or similar 5-star hotel

2022 Course Schedule:   Every last Thursday of the month 

Course fee includes certificate, hotel lunch, coffee breaks and individual course workbook. 

Key Topics 

  • What is cultural intelligence (CQ)
  • Overview models of cultural differences
  • Principles of cultural intelligence
  • Elements of cultural intelligence
  • Intercultural communications
  • Framework for cultural intelligence: Knowledge, Sensing, Strategy and Behaviours
  • Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses in cultural intelligence
  • Challenges of cultural intelligence
  • Personal reflection and action planning

For registration and all enquiries, please contact Kelly Tan at: 

Course Leader: Jaren Chan MBA, ACLP, GDMM

Jaren Chan is an expert course leader in cultural intelligence. He is the course leader for the cultural intelligence course in Singapore. He has over 22 years of experience in teaching executives across the world. Through his extensive international travel, he has gained substantial cultural exposure and global experience through coaching executives representing over 80 nationalities from USA, Brazil, Japan, Britain, Spain, China, India, Russia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Jordan, Australia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Tunisia, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Sudan, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Mauritius, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria, Angola, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Botswana, Niger, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Turkey, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Marshall Islands, Fiji, Guam, Saipan, New Caledonian, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka , Nepal and Bangladesh.


Cultural Intelligence Course SingaporeCultural Intelligence Course SingaporeCultural Intelligence Course Singapore


Cultural Intelligence Course Singapore


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