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Course Title:   The Finance Managers’ Masterclass
The Finance Manager’s position is central to any Finance Department. His or her functions and responsibilities can be wide-ranging from providing and interpreting financial information, monitoring cash flows, managing risks, to liaising with auditors, bankers, lawyers and other professionals and keeping abreast with financial standards, regulations and legislation. Admittedly, not all Finance Managers have exposure to all these functions and so there are still knowledge and skill gaps to fill, urgently, because such knowledge and skills may be required at a moment’s notice. This course is designed to fill these gaps and enable the Finance Manager to function confidently and even deliver performance beyond expectations. It also serves as a refresher course for some.

Objectives of the Course
At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Fully appreciate the role and responsibilities of the Finance Manager
  • Articulate the accounting framework
  • Enhance financial reporting format and be conversant with the financial reporting regime
  • Manage working capital effectively
  • Prepare and analyse group consolidation of accounts
  • Produce cashflow statement and analyse the flows
  • Perform financial statement analysis and interpretation
  • Understand budgeting and forecasting methods and processes and the LRM model
  • Prepare and present Management and Board papers
  • Design financial models and perform sensitivity analysis
  • Understand selected IFRSs 110.111.112, 9, 15
  • Perform investment appraisal
  • Understand business valuation methods and applications
  • Perform due diligence and M&A exercises
  • Perform corporate funding exercises
  • Prepare business plans
  • Understand and apply “Financial Limits to Growth” model

At each session, participants are encouraged to share their work experiences, issues and challenges, relating to the topic in discussion, and in the process, seek advice, coaching and resolution.

Who should attend?

  • Newly-appointed Finance Managers
  • Finance Managers who want to widen their scope of knowledge and skill sets
  • CFO-aspirants
  • Finance Managers who seek a refresher course
  • Heads of Finance Department
  • Finance Manager aspirants
  • Finance Managers who want to fill knowledge and experience gaps.
  • Relationship Managers (banks)

This course will be conducted in an environment conducive to learning where lecturer and participant sharing of practical examples/illustrations, and coaching will be applied to reinforce learning.

Duration of Course
8-week course, 3 hours per week, every Wed from 7 to 10 pm

Course Fee
$1,600 per participant (gross)

YMCA of Singapore (Orchard)
One Orchard Road
Singapore 238824

Course Enquiry   Tel: (65) 97331930

Principal Trainer Profile
Michael Matthew Lee is a trained teacher, lecturer, coach and facilitator, and is himself a life-long learner. Being trained, he is skilful in explaining difficult concepts in a simple and understandable manner. With his more than 40 years of corporate working experience, which include serving as Group CFO of 3 Main Board public-listed groups, and as CXO (MD/CEO/COO) of various companies across industries, he specialises in Finance and is exposed to senior executive management practices, issues and challenges. He adopts a practical approach to his training and facilitation.

Michael Matthew Lee’s credentials are:
MBA (Finance, NUS Business School)
MBA (Strategic Marketing, University of Hull)
BAcc (NUS); DipM (UK);; PDipM (APAC); ACTA; PMC



Course Content

  1. The role of the Finance Manager
  • functions & responsibilities
  1. The Accounting Framework
  • assumptions, principles & conventions; interrelationships among financial statements; integrated framework of Accounting & Finance
  1. Corporate Reporting Regime
  • monthly, quarterly, yearly; template design
  1. Working capital management
  • management of cash, receivables, inventory, and payables.
  1. Group Consolidation of accounts
  • consolidation mechanics, FRS 110 requirements, NCI treatment, consolidation adjustments. consolidated of vertical groups, piecemeal acquisitions.
  1. Cashflow Statement
  • preparation (with template given) and analysis, treatment of items, quick comprehension of cashflow elements
  1. Financial Statement analysis and interpretation
  • trend analysis, ratio analysis, Dupont method, operating & financial leverages, business & financial risks, a systematic and integrated approach will be introduced.
  1. Budgetting & forecasting
  • with Linear regression (statistical) model to project sales over the budget period, rolling forecasts.                                                                                    
  1. Management and Board papers preparation & presentation
  •  factors to be considered in preparation & presentation, how to prepare & present.
  1. Financial modelling
  • how to prepare base model, financial model, sensitivity analysis, selection of variables, for breakeven analysis, sales force headcount analysis, proforma financial statements, M&A, corporate planning, capital structure.
  1. Selected IFRSs
  • FRS 110, 111 & 112, 9, 15.
  • Including how to compute amortised cost and effective interest rate (IFRS 9).
  1. Investment appraisal
  • steps in appraisal process, appraisal methods discount rate, weighted average cost of capital, terminal value computation.
  1. Business valuation
  • Valuations methods and application plus Warren Buffet’s strategic approach to valuation.
  1. Mergers & acquisitions / Due diligence
  • process, how to manage, difficulties involved, valuation, due diligence work, negotiation, etc
  1. Corporate funding
  • placements, rights issues, convertible bonds, accounting for bonds, etc
  1. Business plans
  • Establish objectives, target audience, obtain data and reports, preparation of paper, etc
  1. Financial limits to growth (FLTG)
  •  FLTG formula, how to track sustainability of company’s growth, danger signals, going concern assessment.


Q & A

  1. What are the objectives of this Masterclass?
    Recognising that accountants in the Finance Dept have knowledge and skill gaps in Accounting and Finance and the need to enhance what they already know, this Masterclass seeks to
  • Close these gaps over a “8-week, 3-hour per week” period
  • Cover accounting & finance topics which are current, which every accountant is expected to know during their work.
  • Ensure that accountants are performance-ready and proficient
  • Help accountants solve their work problems in accounting & finance via a WhatsApp platform for the group participants
  • Continually update accountants ie when new topics are introduced in subsequent runs (of the course), participants of previous runs can attend for free (a life-long learning objective)
  1. Why is the course held over 8 sessions (2 months) at 3 hours per session?
    We hold the course on a weekday evening from 7pm to 10pm so that participants do not have to take time off their work. Secondly, we allow topics taught in the week to sink in before we commence a new topic the following week.
  1. Can anyone below a Finance Manager position join the course?
    Yes, the course is for all members of the Finance Dept to upskill and upgrade. To some, it may be a timely refresher course. The course caters for staff from Senior Accounts Executive to CFO.
  1. Is a certificate issued at the end of course?
    Yes, The CFO Desk Pte Ltd will issue a Certificate to all participants upon completion of the Masterclass.
  1. Do the attendance hours qualify for CPD (Continuing Professional Development)?
    Yes, any structured course attendance should qualify for professional CPD hours..
  1. What are the topics that are immediately applicable at work?

They are:

  • Financial reporting regime – covers flash reporting, monthly actual vs budget reporting and forecasting
  • Budgeting & forecasting – covers how budgeting should be done and how a rolling forecast should be implemented
  • Cashflow projections – how to produce weekly and monthly cashflow for review and monitoring’
  • Working capital management – how to manage working capital well; the tools & controls
  • Financial limits to growth – how to ensure that the company does not overstretch its resources and get caught in financial distress. A formula is used to guide maximum sales growth given existing total assets.
  • Cashflow statement – how to prepare, review and analyse cashflow statement at a glance.
  • Group consolidation – how to prepare especially under FRS 110 requirements.
  • How to plan company’s growth in a 5-step method.
  • And lots more ….
  1. How does it help my Finance staff to perform better?
  • By being refreshed of the topics covered
  • Ability to ask the right questions when concepts are properly understood
  • Learn topics which can be applied at work immediately
  • Ability to enhance existing reporting format and perform other tasks more effectively and effectively
  • Ability to seek guidance and mentorship when accounting & finance issues are encountered, via WhatsApp platform for the group or directly to trainer.
  1. What if my staff wants to learn another topic not covered in the content?
    Yes, that can be included during the course if the rest of the class agrees. For each run, I shall introduce extra topics not covered in the content.
  1. Is the course fee reasonable?
    There are more than 15 topics to be covered. If each of these topics are taught separately, it would cost between $300 and $500 each. Therefore, the course is worth at least $5,000
    Furthermore, participants will not be able to learn all these topics separately over a 2-month period.
  1. Is there class work for the topics?
    For a 3-hour session, there is not much time for class work but there will be time for discussion of practical and application aspects.



“Michael is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer with a breadth of practical experience. In particular, I have found the “Financial limits to Growth” module extremely useful.

He has also made lessons very interesting in an otherwise normally dry topic (i.e. accounting) and I would strongly recommend the course to candidates involved in the areas of credit risk management or corporate banking as the reinforcement of accounting and finance concepts is very useful…”

JJ Poh
Institutional Banking Group
Conglomerates & Asian Corporates
12 Marina Boulevard #45-00
DBS Asia Central @ MBFC Tower 3
Singapore 018982

I choose to attend this course as this is relatively new and its wide coverage (many topics) as compared to those existing CPD courses offer. In addition, just attend one course can earn 24 CPD units without taking any leave. And if we can’t attend any session there is complimentary make up session.
As a trainer, Michael brings in a wealth of conceptual knowledge enhanced with his own professional experiences, adapting to our local market needs. Furthermore, we can seek mentorship advice or guidance from him when we face difficult situations or issues related to our works. The topics covered are very informative and are delivered in a witty and energetic manner.
Personally, I have always left these sessions with a much better understanding and grasp over the subjects delivered, which has helped me professionally.

Thanks and regards,
Low Wei Lin
Globalmatics Trading Pte Ltd


The Finance Managers Masterclass is highly recommended for any individual aspiring towards a finance manager role. The topics covered are practical and equip you with technical skills towards financial analysis and management. Michael as a course trainer is highly qualified and experienced. He relates difficult topics in an easy to understand manner. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the course and will recommend it to anyone who is seeking more exposure or even a refresher in financial management topics.

Pamela Tan


We’d like to attend more of Michael’s class in future as he is very experienced and knowledgeable trainer with a lot of practical experience.
Michael’s class is especially useful for those who are seeking career advancement. His class is better than any one of the MBA courses in town.
We do hope to see more of Michael’s class organised by ACCA for ACCA members’ advantages.

Best Regards
Elaine Yew Yok Hua
Riverbed Technology


“I’m learning a lot in the Finance Manager Masterclass. This is not only refreshing my professional knowledge but it has been helping me to fill the skills gap as a Finance Manager. The mentor Mr Michael Lee shares a lot of his knowledge and experience in the class and his creative template are very useful in my working life. I would highly recommend this course to others.”
Thank you..

Fullsun Marketing Pte Ltd


“The course covers a wide spectrum of accounting and finance related topics from a practical perspective.  Great for enhancing knowledge and discovering new interest for all levels of accounting professionals.  The class although is information-packed, is well delivered by an experienced trainer in an interesting manner.”

Thanks & regards
LN Lie


“Michael injected his experiences into the topics, making the learning more useful for us as there is good linkage to what it means to the business and the everyday work that we handle. A useful and practical course that is not the a-typical classroom learning.”

Thanks & regards

Lim Hui Hui


The course has provided broad understanding on a variety of work that finance manager can be exposed to. There are also practical examples of sharing by the course instructor. It is simple to understand the new concepts introduced. A lot of notes/handouts given for each session for our own reading and future reference. The lessons are conducted in a relaxed and fun environment.

Gan Hwee Cheng


I liked the course content. It helps to fill gaps in Finance knowledge and skills.  Michael is also knowledgeable and ever-ready to share his experience with us.

Rebecca Chew
IHS Global Pte Ltd


“The Finance Manager’s Masterclass is an eye-opener for aspirant wishing to pursue a career in Finance & Accounting. The course provides us with a breadth of topics that can prepare us for the challenges that we may face in our future roles as we climb the corporate ladder. It gives us a peek into the roles & responsibilities at the management level, while making it simple for participants to understand. I love that Michael incorporates his own real life examples to demonstrate the practicality of the topics throughout the course.”


Best Regards,
Chang Hwei Fern
Brenntag Pte Ltd

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