Sales Training Course Singapore

1-day Certificate in Sales Leadership Course

In any profit-oriented organisation, acquiring and retaining customers is probably the most important business activity carried out by the sales team. When business is bad, it simply means that a company is not attracting new customers, not keeping enough customers and not having customers make the necessary spend. Unlike other professional staff in a company, sales staff are often left to their own devices to use their common sense and diligence to sell to customers and close deals. Not surprising, many of these sales people do not perform, creating adverse financial impact on the company and for themselves. Top sales gurus know that 80% of sales success comes from a salesperson’s attitude, knowledge and skills; the balance 20% comes from hard work and luck.

Our 1-day Certificate in Sales Leadership course offers professional selling skills training supported by research-based content derived from the best practices of Fortune 500 companies and the latest methodologies from leading business schools in the world.

This intensive training course will equip your sales professionals with the right mind set, tools and skills to perform at a higher level, to close more deals and win more customers. They will learn to think more strategically, to behave more like a consultant and problem-solver to their prospects and customers. They will learn true sales leadership – how to lead the customer, how to sell on a consultative level and to engage more effectively with their customers during the sales dialogue and to align with the customer’s buying cycle and needs.


Administrative Information

Course Title:   Certificate in Sales Leadership

Duration:   1-day

Fee:   $495 nett per participant (no GST)

Course Venues:  Royal Plaza on Scotts , Mandarin Hotel or similar

Course Dates:   In-house training dates to be determined by the sponsoring company

Course fee includes international lunch buffet, coffee break refreshments and personal course workbook.


Certificate in Sales Leadership – Course Topics

  • Principles of sales leadership
  • Selling fundamentals
  • Pre-call planning and customer analysis
  • Opening sales calls
  • Exploring problems and needs
  • Conducting the sales dialogue – high value questions, triangulation questions, questioning funnel
  • Sales presentation guidelines – feature, advantage and benefit
  • Uncovering resistance and overcoming objections
  • Understanding buying influences
  • Sales negotiation basics
  • Post call analysis
  • Customer value matrix
  • How to build trust
  • Building your personal brand

In addition to the above hotel venues, the above training course is also available for in-house training at your office.   For registration and all enquiries, please contact  Jenny Li at:

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